PowerMark Pro Load Centers

PowerMark™ Pro Load Center

PowerMark™ PRO Load Center is an essential electrical component to receive and distribute power from the utility source throughout residential applications.

With advanced plug-on neutral electronic circuit breakers that attach to the neutral bus using ABB’s unique ReliaLock™ connection feature and round plug-on neutral bars, PowerMark PRO’s features enable you to perform faster and more efficient circuit breaker installations. Plus, the convenient and elevated factory-installed neutral and ground bars simplify wiring, helping reduce labor time and project costs.

PowerMark Pro Features and Benefits:

  • Maximizes gutter space — Plug-on neutral AFCI, GFCI, and DFCI breakers.
  • Simplifies retrofits  AFCI shared neutral lets you perform retrofits with ease, regardless of existing shared or mixed neutrals, and still meet UL standards.
  • Easier wire installation — Elevated neutral bars
  • Quicker mounting — Drywall-locating mounting depth location tab
  • Convenient installation  Diamond key knockouts and new knockout pattern
  • User friendly — For the main lug load center, the ground bar and ground lug are factory installed.
  • Faster field installs — For the main breaker load center, the ground lug is a provided standard for field installation, as required.
  • More room to work — 100% neutral terminations for all your needs.
  • Common breaker platform — Stocking strategy is simplified.